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Fully Funded UK Government Scholarship | Free Study in UK 2022

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Free Study in UK 2022

In this article, I'm sharing complete Information about the Chevening scholarship Uk and how to apply for this prestigious Scholarship

So today's agenda is Simple as I'll talk about everything About the scholarship like what is Chaining scholarship eligibility Criteria list of documents needed Timeline interview tips and in the end I'll answer your questions as well.

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    Chevening scholarship

    So edges now number one is what is Chevening scholarship the British Chevron scholarship is a prestigious UK Government funded scholarship program For international students to study a Full-time master's degree program from Prestigious UK universities for 12 Months.

    And this is funded by the British Foreign and commonwealth office and Let's foreign students with leadership Qualities study at universities in the United Kingdom last year about 60 000 Applications were submitted out of which only six thousand were shortlisted for The interview.

    And only about 1700 were Awarded the scholarship so you can already see that scheming is the UK's Largest scholarship program ever.

    What are the benefits?

    Number two benefits: As part of the scholarship, this Scholarship is fully funded. Everything is funded here, which means Literally you can study for free in the Uk.

    So, in short, your complete tuition fee is free your economic Class flight tickets are included number Three a monthly stipend for your living, And accommodation expenses is also Covered the monthly stipend will depend On whether you're studying in flight London or outside London.

    It is currently 917 pounds per month outside London and 1134 pounds inside London.

    cost of visa application

    Number four Cost of visa application is also Included arrival allowances included Departure loans included TB testing Reimbursement up to 75 pounds is included.

    So you can see almost all your expenses Are covered here.

    eligibility criteria

    Now actually number three eligibility criteria.

    1. Number one You should be a citizen of one of the Eligible countries so make sure to look For the list of countries who are Eligible from this link I've checked a few Eligible countries like of course India there Pakistan Bangladesh Nepal Sri Lanka Nigeria just to name a few.

    Please remember you have to come back to Your home country after your master's and You need to serve your country for two Years.

    2. Number two you must hold a bachelor's Degree before applying.

    3. Number three you Must have a minimum of two years of experience which should be equivalent to 2800 hours.

    4. Number four you should apply To three different eligible UK University courses and have received an Unconditional offer from one of these Choices by the 14th of July 2022.

    who are not eligible

    Agenda Number four who are not eligible number One if you're a British citizen or a Dual nationality you cannot.

    Number two If you've already studied in the UK with The UK government scholarship previously Here is number five work experience.

    does work experience need to be in your related field?

    So the answer is no you can include any work Experience like non-paid internship Volunteering freelancing part-time Internship full-time internship just to name a few.

    list of eligible courses to which you can apply

    Channel number six list of Eligible courses to which you can apply  You will need to select three different Master's courses which can be three Different courses at the same Institution or three similar courses at Up to three different universities see The full list of courses from this page Make sure you apply for taught master Program and not research-based.

    Do not select any part-time courses to do not Select distance learning courses but Select only full-time courses and do not Choose any course where you need to Study say for one month in a different Country.

    list of required documents

    1. Number one Educational documents your bachelor's Degree in transcript

    2. Number two Reference letter with two referees which Is your recommendation letter a referee Must know you either professionally or In academics reference letter would be Verified by their British consul once You are shortlisted

    3. Number three is a short Essay on biography.

    4. And number four Unconditional offer from a master's Program

    what are the four essays for scheming?

    Agenda number eight What are the four essays for scheming   The four essays are.

    1. First essays about Your networking skill

    2. the Second essay would ask you about your Leadership quality

    3. And the third essay Would ask you about your future career Plans

    4. the Fourth essay would be about why You want to pursue your studies in the Uk

    So make sure when you write your essay it needs to be a Compelling 2000 words essay that can Showcase your competency experience and Aspiration write your essay with Conviction and consideration.


    Number 9 timeline so you can go through The whole application timeline from this Link, however, I'll just summarize here Very quickly so the opening date is the 2nd Of august 2022 for next year's intake Students.

    For next year's intake Students, the closing time is the 2nd of November 2022 they will review all the Applications from November till December And the interview will start early to Mid Feb last submission date for References and education documents is From Feb till late April.

    The interview will start on the 28th of to the 29th of April results announced will be in Early June offer acceptance timeline is the 14th of July your class will start from September to October.

    interview preparation tips

    1. Number one Talk about your future goals talk about How and what you want to do about it.

    2. Number two be yourself and don't copy From others.

    3. Number three practice common Interview questions like why you want to Go to the UK what will you achieve what Difference will you create in your Country what services you want to provide to your country what development Will you bring so practice all these Questions with anyone you are comfortable with and make sure you have A good reply to it.

    is to answer all your questions so question

    1. Can I apply for the graduate route Visa and stay in the UK at the end of This course answer is no chairman Scholars cannot apply for a graduate Route visa when you accept a scheming Award you agree to return to your home Country For two years at the end of your Scholarship question

    2. Number two is whether IELTS Compel salary for Chevening or not so Chevening does not have an English Language requirement however you're still required to meet all the requirements from your chosen university So make sure you go and check out the University you have selected question

    3. .Number three can you do a Ph.D. after Chemning Chevening doesn't offer to fund  For Ph.D. it provides a full scholarship for A master's program which is 12 months old it is written in terms of condition That you need to go back to the home country after your course and serve your Country for two years

    4. Question number Four can I bring my family on a dependent Visa the chairman secretariat strongly Discouraged students from bringing Dependents with them to the UK award Allowances are calculated to cover your Cost only so if you bring your dependent You need to bear their full cost Yourself.

    5. Question number five does scheming pay The application fee some universities Require a tuition fee deposit either Because you have deferred your place From the previous year or to secure your Unconditional offer generally   Chemning will not pay this deposit and It is your responsibility to secure your University offer.

    6. Question number six can I do a part-time job while studying They expect your priority to be your Studies but they do acknowledge that Gaining some work experience in the UK Can be beneficial for your career and Overall experience however you must ensure that any work you do is within The conditions of your visa and will not Hurt your studies So email welfare at the rear chevnik.Org With your copy of visa and passport and They will get you.

    7. Question number seven is there any age limit for The evening scholarship no There's no upper age limit to be eligible for a Chevening award Scholarship.

    So that's all for today.

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