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Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Complete Your Personal Loan Journey with Which Fintech?

  Ahamed       Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Personal Loan?

FinTech is truly an exciting industry to be a part of. It's transforming the way we live, save and spend. For example, as technology has advanced, several financial companies have managed to streamline how consumers can easily make payments digitally and safely - it's all about customer convenience these days. As business gets more comfortable with accepting digital payment options, people everywhere seem to be paying for almost all transactions - from retail to travel and entertainment - by swiping their smart phones!


  • SIMPLIFIED USER EXPERIENCE: Our fintech company offers a simple user experience through the use of a single app. Fintech companies provide strong technical foundations which allow consumers to quickly and easily receive personal loans. There is no need to stand in checkout lines, read long manuals, or take paperwork home with you. Simply complete actions by clicking on your phone to receive your funds faster than ever before!
  • IMMEDIATE APPROVAL AND PROMPT DELIVERY: Banks are slowly becoming antiquated and seemingly less viable to their customers. They often have trouble in keeping up with the rapid pace of society and new technology, which is why many customers are turning to Personal Loan
  • fintech companies for all different types of financial services. By foregoing outdated systems for more accessible and up-to-date processes and practices, fintech providers are able to do things in a far more efficient manner so that much like how one can complete instant online loans within hours with little effort or delay, they can now be done in mere minutes.
  • COMPLETE CREDIT RATING: Credit rating companies offer two vital services. The first is providing consumers with instant credit ratings on a high-quality scale and the second is that they can also assist potential consumers by offering credit scoring. In fact, people with access to this kind of information are often able to enjoy the benefits of applying for new forms of credit safely and easily. Having easy debt application is something that many people enjoy and it helps their overall score since it keeps their debt ratio low.
  • DATA PROTECTION: One way to avoid losing your company's data is to ensure that the company you do business with has the proper cyber-security protocols in place. It doesn't hurt to ask if they can demonstrate actual incidents that they've had with other companies and how they were able to resolve each situation, either through risk mitigation or cyber forensics. A fintech loan needs to be chosen carefully so it isn't stolen or damaged by malicious hackers and getting an idea of their expertise on the matter will help keep your information protected!
  • INTEGRATION CAPABILITY: Business is always multifaceted. And when you run a business there are so many things to do that it's easy to lose sight of everything if you let one area slip. But that's where a good Plan B can come in very useful. For example, if you're looking for an alternative solution to your business's current accountancy software, or even just someone to help with the finances, make sure you explore any third-party vendors currently helping out in that department first before committing yourself to an unfinished project or even worse an outsourcing nightmare! The best companies strictly adhere to ISO 9001 and the six sigma protocol and take pride in having extremely short response times - anything less than immediate can leave you with vulnerable security and exposed financials!
  • NEW DISCOVERIES: When it comes to technology and finance, the customer is always looking for more. Millennials are especially intent on guiding companies in their decision making processes, which makes sense as they're technically very dependent upon advising them on how to be savvy with their finances and what products they should purchase. One way that finance tech companies can make sure they're listening to customer wishes is by using artificial intelligence to assist those wishing to better manage their money with CFPs (Certified Financial Planners) or financial advisors instead. Advanced technologies can also help individuals identify and monitor their banking risks through software that's designed to neutralize potential threats before they become actual problems.


It's no secret that Fintech is starting to become a huge financial game changer for everyone, especially businesses. That being said, people need to be educated about the ins and outs of what Fintech has to offer before making decisions for themselves as far as how it can apply to their personal lives. This goes for not only businesses but also consumers too.

Shiv Nanda is a Financial Analyst here at MoneyTap. The Shiv you see in the picture above may look like he’s under 15 because he’s got those pouty lips and that puppy-dog face, but he is actually 21 years old. He handles spreadsheets and crunch numbers from his desk all day long. Don’t get fooled by his boyish charm - Shiv is way smarter than most people think he is! He knows how to manage things on a budget - whether it be his own or his friends'! No one wants to deal with credit card bills and financial issues, so let him help you crunch numbers and let him take on the grim task of having to talk to creditors. He can also tell you what types of investment options are best for your personal situation and give you advice on anything financial related. It doesn’t matter if you have complicated questions or simple ones - even if they aren’t directly related to the business scope of MoneyTap, Shiv will make sure they get taken care of. So email him your questions [email protected]

What is FinTech based lending?

FinTech based loan lending platform is mixture of technology and traditional loan practices. It is achieving great heights in India. There are few companies in India who have leveraged the power of the internet to make instant loan decisions for a variety of purposes. These include peer to peer lending, where individual lenders and businesses may participate in the lending process.


One of the easiest ways to pay off a loan is to stay on top of it with frequent and accurate payments. Many people who are struggling to pay off and refinance their loans, though, say that there are other things a person can do to improve his or her credit score and make it easier to pay off loans.

What are 4 categories of fintech?

In this primer, we will summarize four areas of fintech — digital lending, payments, blockchain and digital wealth management — that are worth keeping an eye on as they move to stake their claim in the competitive landscape.

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