Lollipops Recipe - How to Make Homemade Lollipops

Lollipops Recipe - How to Make Homemade Lollipops
Learn how to make homemade lollipops – with this easy recipe you can make your favorite childhood candy. Everyone know what is a lollipop, but did you know you can prepare homemade lollipop with just basic ? ►Full written recipe: ►Equipment Lollipop mold set here: Candy & Deep Fry Thermometer: ►Recipes you might like: Homemade Gummy Bears: Turkish Delight: 4 Easy Popsicle Recipes: Pecan Pie Bars: ►FOLLOW ME: Instagram: Facebook: Website: RECIPE: Ingredients: 1/4 cup (60ml) Water 1 cup (200g) Sugar 1/4 cup (82g) Corn syrup 1-2 teaspoons Extract of your choice (vanilla, coconut, mint, etc.) optional Food coloring (optional) Directions: 1. Prepare 2 lollipop molds and sticks before you start making the caramel. 2. In a saucepan combine sugar, corn syrup and water. Attach the candy thermometer to the saucepan. 3. Heat over medium heat, stir until the sugar dissolves, and brush down the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush to prevent crystals from forming. 4. Boil the mixture until reaches 300F (150C) (hard-crack stage). 5. Turn the heat off and add extract of your choice and food coloring (optional). 6. Working quickly pour the mixture into the mold. If desired add sprinkles or other toppings. 7. Allow to cool completely. 8. Unmold, place in the lollipop bag and store in room temperature. ►Equipment I Used in This Video:
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