How To Connect Xbox 360 To PC

If you have an Xbox 360 console, you can easily share all the pictures, videos and music stored on your computer with your console. This is nice if you have your Xbox connected to your huge flat-panel  [..]

Turn On Windows Tablet PC Components In Windows 7

If you own a tablet PC, you have available to you a set of interface applications and features not available to regular PC users. Some of these features include handwriting recognition and Windows Journal.  [..]

Transfer Bookmarks From Firefox To Chrome

Have you switched to Google Chrome from Firefox ? If so, you probably want to transfer all your valuable bookmarks and possibly your well-organized Bookmarks toolbar to Chrome . First, you have to export  [..]

How To Reset Or Unfreeze An IPad

Previously, I wrote up a popular post on how to reset or unfreeze a frozen iPod , which happens a lot! It’s clocking in over 500 comments so far! Now with the iPad out, you might run into the problem  [..]

Author Rank And Google Plus 1: Effects On Google Ranking

Author Rank and Google Plus are relatively new to Google’s armory, and Google +1 is a tool designed to enable the public to vote on the authority of specific web publications. The entire package  [..]

Increase The Memory To An XP Mode Virtual PC In Windows 7 Professional

If you opted for the Professional version of Windows 7, you have instant access to XP Mode using the Windows Virtual PC application. It comes with a fully licensed version of Windows XP offering you  [..]

How To Install WordPress On A Local Server (XAMPP)

In this article we’ll show you how to install WordPress on your local computer. Why is it useful to have WordPress on your local computer? Well, maybe you’ve a website, and you want to change  [..]

8 Great Android Apps For Music Lovers

Great Android Apps Music Lovers There are days when you just love to go punk, go pop, or electric when it comes to your music. You want to wiggle and jiggle and dance to the tune of your favorite song,  [..]

Use Excel To Figure Out An Effective Interest Rate From A Nominal Interest Rate

Among Excel’s more popular formulas, the EFFECT formula is often used by financial professionals to figure out an effective interest rate from a nominal interest rate. Also called annual percentage  [..]

How To Make Audio Files Louder In Windows

Low volume audio files can be close to useless. Whether it be an MP3 song that you are trying to listen to on your laptop, or a recorded audio file that isn’t quite loud enough, adjusting the volume  [..]
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