The Google Disavow Tool And How To Use It

The first aspect of the Google Disavow Tool (aka Disavow Links Tool) you should be aware of is that, in the word of Google’s web spam guru, Matt Cutts, “Most people do not need to use this  [..]

The Online Tech Tips Guide To Chkdsk In Windows 8

Chkdsk has been one of those great little tools built into just about every version of Windows that help fix NTFS file system errors, corruption in file system metadata, or hard disk errors. Before Windows  [..]

Disable Distracting Start Screen Animations In Windows 8.1

Some people love to adorn their computer with added extras, but bells and whistles are not for everyone. If you are one of the people who find Windows’ Start screen animations a little distracting,  [..]

Momentum For Chrome Lets You Stay Focused On Important Things

The internet has equal amount of Productivity tools as well as distraction points. Especially for people who work in Internet all the day will get easily distracted. That’s why we have lots of  [..]

Quickly Convert Any Type Of Document Into PDF Using ToPDF

People who work with documents everyday, need a good file converting application to quickly complete their job. There are plenty of web apps, mobile apps and desktop applications available for quick  [..]

Transfer Your Gmail Messages To Another Email Address

Say you have an old Gmail account and you would like to transfer all the existing email messages from the old account to your new email address. The new address could be on,,  [..]

Popular Ebooks Go Free At The Google Play Store In India

Google Play – Free eBooks Soumyadip, author of the popular blog Cutting the Chai , has discovered at least 40 popular ebooks that are currently available for free at the Google Play Store. You  [..]

Little Known Gems For Your Windows Computer

Windows Utilities Here are some of the most useful software utilities that you wish were part of standard Windows. These tools are free, light-weight and can be installed on all versions of Windows including  [..]

Incredible Start Page: Gives A Productive New Tab Page In Chrome

Recently, many  new tab page extensions were introduced in Chrome. There are extensions available to turn your browser’s new tab page into a task manager , social dashboard , and much more  [..]

How To Block Emails From Users On Google+

Google is constantly pushing Google+, and the latest move is something that many Gmail users are not going to like. Now it is possible for anyone who has you in their Google+ circles to send you an email  [..]
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