How To Use A Lookup Table In Excel 2010

One of the most often cited areas of assistance requests to help-desk personnel regarding Microsoft Excel, is the VLOOKUP command. For some reason, people seem intimidated by it, and then rather than  [..]

Install, Boot, And Run Mac OS X From An External Hard Drive

Mac OS X can be fully installed onto an external hard drive, using a couple of easy to follow steps. This can be extremely useful for developers, who often times want to test different versions of Mac  [..]

Automatically Get Song Lyrics For ITunes, Windows Media Player Or WinAmp

Music organization software such as iTunes, Windows Media Player and WinAmp have grown rapidly and evolved over the past few years. These popular apps now have more support and features than ever. iTunes  [..]

Insert A Watermark In Word 2010

If you need to insert a watermark into your Word 2010 document, it’s pretty easy! You can insert a template-based watermark or you can create your own using your own text or your own image. Oddly,  [..]

Export Videos From IPhoto 11

iPhoto 11 has some pretty cool features, such as Fullscreen Mode and facial recognition, which makes it really nice to use over Picasa if you are running on a Mac.  However,there are some aspects  [..]

How To Use The “Compare Documents” Option In Word 2010

One little used feature of Microsoft Word is Compare Documents , which is a shame, because it can come in really handy for most anyone that works on a lot of documents. Students especially should find  [..]

Share Your Computer Screen With Any Computer Or Device The Easy Way

IT professionals and universities spend a great deal of money on software that allows them to share their computer desktops with customers and students. Sharing the desktop is the quickest and most efficient  [..]

OS X Lion – The Network Backup Disk Does Not Support The Required AFP Features

OS X Lion was released yesterday and I was super excited to upgrade for all the new features like Launchpad, Mission Control and full-screen apps. Once installed, it’s definitely been worth the  [..]

What Happened To Spaces In OS X Lion?

If you have started using OS X Lion like I have, there are a few things you will have to get used too. Firstly, Spaces and Expose have been modified and turned into Mission Control. It’s actually  [..]

Setup A Second Wireless Router On Your Home Network

We moved into our new house about a year ago and I was super excited because I had it all wired up with Cat 6 cable and Ethernet ports all over the place! Unforunately for me, I didn’t realize that  [..]
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