Add Launchpad Style Application Launcher To Windows 7

Opening programs and launching applications in Windows is usually done using the start menu or taskbar. However, if you have several apps installed, or would prefer a slightly different interface for  [..]

Setup An Additional Phone Number On A Android Smartphone Or IPhone

When you get an iPhone or Android based smartphone, like any other cellphone, you activate the line with a specific phone number. However, what if you want to have an additional phone number for your  [..]

Keep Track Of Your Wishes With These Bucket List Apps [iOS/Android]

The Bucket List movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman was so successful that it managed to introduce a new collocation in the usual speech – a bucket list. It refers to a list of things  [..]

Fix Delay When Typing In Windows

I recently ran into a very annoying problem while using Microsoft Word on my Windows 7 machine. Firstly, it’s a fairly fast machine and so I kind of knew it was not a hardware issue when I saw there  [..]

Giveaway #12 – 3D PageFlip Professional 3 Licenses Worthing $897

Contest closed: Checkout Winners Here . Opportunities only strike ones and there goes the golden time when you can be a proud owner of the “3D PageFlip Professional”. If you thought that nothing in  [..]

Pin Windows 8 Metro Apps To The Taskbar

So if you have been tinkering with Windows 8, you have probably read about the trick you can use to create a desktop shortcut to the Applications folder in Windows 8. It basically lists out all the apps  [..]

How To Quickly Compose A New Email Message

If you are to compose a new email message to someone, you’ll probably launch the mail program first, wait for the Inbox to load and will then hit the Compose button. That’s like 3 steps to  [..]

How To Add A Printer In Windows 8

Playing around with Windows 8 recently? If so, you might have come around to adding a printer! I recently installed Windows 8 and went ahead and installed two wireless printers that I have on my home  [..]

Identify Your Intel Processor (CPU) In Windows

So you’re running Windows on some machine you got 3 years ago and you want to know a little bit about the processor installed, right? Well, you can always go to the system information screen in  [..]

Use Windows Defender Offline Tool To Fix An Infected PC

Clean Mac files Right Now. Award-winning System Utility! I had a client the other day whose PC was practically dead because they clicked on one of those pop up ads while on some sketchy website. Something  [..]
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