Change Lock Screen Image In Windows 8

I’ve been playing around with Windows 8 and one thing that kind of bothers me is the fact that there are two sets of settings/features: one for Windows and one for the Metro UI. It’ almost  [..]

How To Shutdown And Restart Windows 8

Wow, so I need to actually write a post about how to shutdown and restart a PC. That’s pretty sad, but required. With Windows 8, turning off your PC or restarting it is not as simple as it used  [..]

Sync Gmail Contacts With IPhone, IPad, And ICloud

I use my Mac a lot and one of the annoying problems I’ve always found is that when using the Mail app, I don’t get the autocomplete for my Gmail contacts. I have a bunch of Gmail contacts  [..]

Subtle Patterns Bookmarklet: Preview Background Patterns

View In Full At : Subtle Patterns Bookmarklet: Preview Background Patterns

Share Photos Via Without Attachments

While probably a majority of us use Gmail as our email service of choice, it’s certainly not for Microsoft’s lack of efforts to get everyone to switch to its option. In fact,  [..]

Must Install Android Apps For Web Developers

We are all living in a Go-Mobile world where most our daily use techy stuff is attaining the capacity of portability. Reports even say that mobile devices may dominate our usual desktops or laptops or  [..]

Log Into Same Website With Different Accounts In A Single Window Using This Extension

If we have multiple accounts for a same web app, we can’t log into that in a same window. Either we need to choose a different browser or we need to go incognito mode  for opening another  [..]

How To Check Your Hard Drive For Errors

Do you think your hard drive is about to fail? Can you hear strange clicking sounds coming from your hard drive? Has your computer been randomly freezing and you’re pretty sure you don’t  [..]

How To Monetize A Blog: Monetizing A Blog For Profit

If you know how to monetize a blog, then you can use your blog as a source of income. Many people like to make a few dollars from their blog as extra spending money, while for others it is their full  [..]

Filemail Lets You Send 30GB Of Files In A Single Email

Simple documents and files can be sent through email services like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. To share large number of files or a single large file, we can either choose file sharing services or cloud services  [..]
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