Install Blackberry Mobile OS On PC

Previously, we posted a tutorial on how to install Android on PC . But, what about the BlackBerry users? Here, we will guide you through the process of installing BlackBerry Mobile OS phone emulators  [..]

How To Use AutoText And Quick Parts In MS Word 2010

For several of the past iterations of Word, Microsoft has had an AutoText feature that allows users to capture a piece of text and then to use it over and over again in other parts of their documents,  [..]

Edit Sound In Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker makes it easy to edit the sound track in your movie projects. While its tools aren’t very advanced, and you can only have one sound track at a time, Windows Live Movie  [..]

How To Embed Flickr Images On A Web Site

Two things that we’ve all grown accustomed to are photo sharing sites like Flickr and video sharing via simple embed codes added to a web site page. You have likely seen a number of the latter  [..]

Bring Back The Basic Mode In Gmail

For quite a while, Google maintained an option that allowed users to switch to the basic HTML mode in Gmail, and there were a number of reasons for this. Early on, some browsers simply weren’t  [..]

Add Dropbox As A Storage Option In Office 2013

With the introduction of Office 2013, and its sister version, Office 365 Home Premium, Microsoft introduced cloud storage to its popular suite. It was not the only upgrade to the software, but likely  [..]

‘Power Scheme Switcher’ Displays All 3 Power Plans In The System Tray [Windows]

One of the things that bothered me in Windows 7, and continues to bother me in Windows 8, is the fact that I cannot access all three power plans from the System Tray. When I am using my laptop, I normally  [..]

Enable Integration Features For An XP Mode Virtual Machine

Available in Windows 7 Professional, XP Mode allows you to integrate your physical computer’s resources with a Virtual Machine. Components you can share include drives, audio, printers, Clipboard,  [..]

Create And Use Formulas In Tables In Word 2010

A lot of people know that you can create and use tables in Word 2010, but not everyone knows that there are some formulas you can use to manipulate the data in the cells in that table you create; somewhat  [..]

URL Shorteners: Creating A Customized Short URL

URL shorteners are increasing in popularity. This is because increasing numbers of people want to create a short URL for Twitter and other micro blogging and social networking sites while maintaining  [..]
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